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    SHOKER's performance campaing at JAPAN NIGHT in Davao 2014

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  • Location:
  • Samal Island, Davao City, Philippines
  • Date:
  • Apr. 22, 23, 2014
  • Performance:
  • Live Huge Shodo(Japanese Traditional Calligraphy) Performance.
  • He makes heart warmed poet 'NAMAE Poet (Name poet)' by Japanese traditional calligraphy.
  • In the other hand his calligraphy loved by so many people in Kyoto, Osaka and Nagoya.
  • His works has exquisite balance of Power and Flexible.
  • He is distributing spices of people smile in all over Japan thru his sence that was improved by his experience which he got from the trip all over the world.
  • His calligraphy has unique lines but he makes the performance like a spark by using his big body.
  • She served so many kinds of works for example, wall paint of restaurant, Ideal document of companies and so on..
  • She makes beautiful improved calligrahy which is proofed by her long career since young age.
  • She has appered on International culture event in Singapol.
  • He makes self prodused performance thru the experience of studying stage direction.
  • And he performes with musicians and dancers of Raggae, Hip Hop, Traditional and so on by his stage direction.

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